Politique de confidentialité

Privacy Statement

Your privacy and trust are important to us. This Statement explains how the COMMUNICATION MEDIA GROUP LTD group of companies (hereinafter « CMG », “we”, “us” or « our ») compiles, handles and protects personal information about you in the context of our services. It also provides information about your rights and how you can contact us if you have questions about how we treat your information.

Who this Statement applies to and what it covers

This Statement applies to all natural and legal persons who use any website, application including our mobile application (the « application »), product, software, or service that has hyperlinks to this Statement.

Links to third-party websites or applications may be found in our services. We decline all responsibility for the content or privacy compliance of third-party websites or applications. You should review these websites or applications to read their privacy statements and the terms and conditions set forth in the same.

Privacy for children. As a general rule our services are not intended for children. However, we undertake to comply with the applicable legislation and industry guidelines on the limited occasions when we may collect and use information of a personal nature about children (to develop an educational resource, for example).

About us

CMG is a company mainly engaged in developing websites and search engines for automatic insertion of texts and images that are public knowledge and are disseminated by international communications media using open-source software and RSS feed systems accessible through public links. (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, an XML-based format for sharing and distributing Web content. It is used to disseminate frequently-updated information to users who have subscribed to the content source).

CMG does not write texts or manufacture its own multimedia content. All the content accessible on this website forms part of accredited external sources.  Please contact us by using the contact form or by writing directly to our data protection and copyright officer (DPO) if you believe your copyright is being infringed. For further information, please go to the bottom of this page and click on the “copyright” category.

Request to remove content due to private data or data protection:

If you believe that our website is infringing your privacy you can contact us by using the contact form and request that your personal data be rectified or deleted. To do so, you will have to comply with the following legal requirements:

  1. Provide a copy of your identity document (if you are acting on behalf of another natural or legal person, provide your power of attorney and the identity documents of the principal and the attorney-in-fact).
  2. A formal petition requesting the removal of your data of a personal nature (include your personal data such as your full name, identity document, domicile for tax purposes, email, contact telephone number and signature on the petition). If you are acting on behalf of another person you must also include their personal data.
  3. Send your request to: [email protected]

Please note that if you fail to meet both these requirements we will not be able to assess your request and you may not receive a reply from our legal department.

Sources of information of a personal nature

We use your interactions with us to collect personal information about you in the following ways:

  1. To help us administer, protect and improve our services, analyse usage of the same and to improve users’ experience, our servers, logs and other technologies automatically collect information about users’ systems/devices and the way they are
  2. From the cookies and similar tracking technologies used by our website. You can find further information about cookies in the footer to this page.
  3. From publicly-available sources such as websites accessible to the general public, government databases for public use and other data in the public domain that we access to help us maintain the accuracy of the data, to provide this website and enhance the users’ experience.

The kind of personal information we collect

The type of information we collect depends on the way you interact with us, but generally it consists of the following:

  1. Information such as your full name, email address, postal address, telephone number and other similar contact information.
  2. Account credentials such as passwords and other security information for authentication and access.
  3. Device information such as the IP address, location, or Internet provider of the terminal you are using.
  4. Information about you as a user and your browsing history. For example, information about how you navigate on our website, your browsing history and which Services you use the most.
  5. Location data for Services with enhanced location features. If we need your consent to collect geographic location data we will ask for permission and collect it separately.
  6. Demographic information such as the country you live in, your preferred language, etc.

How we use personal information:

This section includes information about the purposes for which we use information of a personal nature and the legal basis on which we process it. We use information of a personal nature to provide and improve the Services, for other purposes in our legitimate interest and for compliance purposes. The following is a detailed description of these uses.

The law requires us to explain the reasons why we process your data of a personal nature. We take the following aspects into account when we process it:

  1. We will only ask for your consent if we want to use your personal information when it is required for a specific purpose. In this event, we will obtain it separately and make it clear that we are asking your consent.
  2. For compliance with a legal duty (e.g., to respond to a court order or the instructions of a competent regulator).

Legitimate interests:

We process personal information when it is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests: to provide and improve our website, for example, or to administer the relationship between you and our business for marketing purposes and to exercise our rights and duties.

The following paragraphs contain further information about our legitimate interests.

  1. We process information of a personal nature to suggest and provide customised content such as news, research, reports and commercial information.
  2. We may compile and store your browsing and usage history to make your searches on our websites more relevant and use this information to show you on-line advertising for compatible goods and services on our websites and applications. We will now explain your marketing options. Sometimes we may share your personal information among our Services to make all the Services we provide easier to use (for example, to avoid having to ask you to enter the same data every time you access a new section or service).
  3. To inform you about surveys and polls you may wish take part in, to administer them and to analyse the resulting data for market research purposes.
  4. To display the information that you choose to post, share, upload or make available in chat rooms, messaging services and event or community forums (including event and community profiling) for related collaboration, for connection between peers and games and for the exchange of information.
  5. To send you marketing material as permitted by law.
  6. To enforce our terms and conditions.
  7. To protect our rights, privacy, security, networks, systems and assets or those of other natural or legal persons.
  8. To comply with requests from the courts, law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies and other public and governmental authorities even when they are outside your country of residence.
  9. To exercise our rights, defend ourselves against claims and to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to us or to third parties with whom we work.
  10. To take part in or be subject to the sale, merger, acquisition, restructuring, constitution of a consortium or joint venture, assignment, transfer or any other disposal of all or part of our business, assets or capital stock (including insolvency, bankruptcy or similar proceedings).
  11. When we base our legitimate interests as a legal justification for processing your personal information, we balance these interests against your interests, fundamental rights and freedoms. Please contact our Privacy Team if you desire further information on how we implement this balance.

How we share personal information:

We share personal information in the power of Grupo CMG with our business partners and third-party service providers, with the person who provides you with access to our Services (if you do not do so yourself) and to comply with the law. Our third-party service providers are not authorised to share or use the personal information that we make available to them for any purpose different from providing us with said services.

How we protect personal information:

CMG takes the security of your personal information very seriously and uses the appropriate technologies and procedures to protect personal information (including administrative, technical and physical safeguards) based on the risk level involved and the service provided.

Our information technology security policies and procedures are closely aligned with widely-accepted international standards, are regularly reviewed and updated when appropriate to comply with our duty of confidentiality with respect to the personal information we handle, our business needs, technological innovations and regulatory requirements, and we implement the appropriate information-related security controls.

How long we keep personal information

We retain your information in accordance with our Business Record Custody Policy. The following section provides further information on the criteria used to calculate these retention periods.

We calculate the retention periods of your personal information in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. The time required to achieve the purposes for which we collect it.
  2. The time that we reasonably need to keep records to show that we comply with our duties and obligations.
  3. The time required to comply with the legal retention periods or those recommended by the regulators, professional bodies or associations.
  4. The time required for defence against relevant legal action or complaints.


Your rights

You may have the right to access your personal information and to ask us to rectify, erase and restrict the use of the same in accordance with European legislation and other laws. You may also have the right to object to processing of your personal information, to request transfer of the personal data with which you have provided us to another entity and to withdraw your consent to processing of the same. The following points provide further information on how to exercise your rights.

We will respect your rights in accordance with the currently applicable legislation on the protection of data of a personal nature. You have the following rights under European legislation and you may have similar rights under the laws of other countries. You may exercise the following rights by sending us a written request.

  1. The right of access by the data subject: the right to be informed of the details of the personal information with which you have provided us and to be provided with a copy of the same.
  2. The right of rectification: the right to request us to rectify or delete any erroneous information about you.
  3. The right of deletion (right to be forgotten): the right to have certain personal information about you deleted.
  4. The right of limitation of processing: the right to restrict processing of your personal data to certain purposes.
  5. You can manage your marketing preferences by using the unsubscribe links contained in the notices you receive from us or you can visit the associated preference centre.
  6. The right of opposition: the right to object to use of your data in automated decision-making in cases where our processing is based on the performance of a task that was carried out in the public interest or we have informed you that the processing was necessary to protect our legitimate interests or those of a third party.
  7. The right of portability: the right to request that your personal data be transferred to you or to a third party in a structured, commonly-used or machine-readable format.
  8. The right to withdraw the consent that you have previously granted us to process your personal data. Withdrawing your consent will not affect the legality of our use of your personal information before you withdrew your consent.

These rights are not absolute and do not always apply in all cases.

In response to a request to enforce your rights we will ask you to verify your identity if necessary and to provide us with information that will enable us to fully understand your petition. We will always explain the reason why we cannot fully or partially comply with any such request.

Cookies and similar technologies

CMG and our third-party suppliers install and use cookies and similar technologies for the following purposes: to store and manage user preferences, send user-tailored advertising, enable content and collect analytic and usage data. The use of cookies and other tracking technologies is standardised on all websites and applications through which information about your online activities is collected by applications, websites or other services.

We understand that you may wish to obtain more information about cookies. The following are some useful resources that provide detailed information on the types of cookies, how they are used and how you can manage your cookie preferences: Click on the following links to find out how to disable or delete cookies in some of the most common browsers:


Updates of this Statement

This Statement may be subject to updating at any time. You will always be informed through the appropriate channels of any future substantial changes or additions to the way we process data of a personal nature that affects you as described in this Statement. We may, for example, place a prominent notice on this page or send you an email to inform you that the Statement has been updated.

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Utilisation et transmission de vos données personnelles

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